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Welcome to Bear Creek Twins!
by posted 02/19/2020

Twins Parents and Players, 

Welcome to the Twins of Bear Creek Little League; 

My name is Kevin Robert and I will be coaching the Twins this Spring.  I am looking forward to a fun and educational season with you and your son!

Our goal for the season is to play up to our best mental and physical ability in every practice and game.  Although we want to win every game, we will  focus on being well prepared.  A baseball team requires a diverse collection of individual efforts all working together, so our practices will concentrate on mental preparation so our players know what they will do in every game situation.  

Throwing, catching, fielding, baserunning and hitting are important skills, but being mentally sharp will give us a competitive edge!  Mental sharpness  starts by being patience and encouraging with each other, having a positive attitude, maintaining respect for each other, the umpires and our opponnets, measuring success as a team, paying attention, being to games and practice "on time",  and figuring out how to improve everytime we step onto the field.  Please discuss this with your player and ask them to consider what goals they have for the season.  We will discuss this at our first practice.

There is much information to communicate, so here are a few items. 

1.Coaches: we need at least two parents who can help coach practices and games.  Please let me know if you can help coach this season.  If you can help coach, you will need to complete the volunteer form on teh Bear Creek website. 

2. Scorekeeper: we will need one or two parents who can keep the scorebook.

3. Games: I think March 16 is our first game.  When the season starts, we will practice once per week as our games will twice a week.  before the season starts we will practice twice a week.  

4.  Practices: I am trying to get a practice schedule put together, but practice will likely be on Monday, Friday or Sunday.  Our first practice will likely be Friday, February 28.  Our practices will last 90 minutes or less and it will be very helpful to have your player already warmed up when our practice time starts.  

4. Uniforms: Hat, belt, socks and shirt are provided as part of our registration fee.  we will play our games wearing white pants. 

5.  Competition:  our team is in a league with 5 teams from Katy, 2 from West Oaks and three from Bear Creek, including the Twins.  

6.  Feb 29 is a coaches clinic which parents are encouraged to attend.  More information to come.

7. We have 13 players on roster.  the roster is on the bear creek little league website. 

I will get you more information as fast as possible including when we will have our first practice. 


thank you.  Kevin Robert





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