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District 16 of Texas East proudly supports the law which allows any woman to breast feed her child when she deems it is necessary, any harassment or provocation by any League/Persons will not be allowed during any District Level or above games and shall not be condoned for any regular season games.

State of Texas Health and Safety Code - Chapter 165. Breast Feeding Sec. 165.002


How long is the season?

  Our Spring season will typically run from Mid February to Mid May depending on weather and teams in the division. Our fall season run from Mid August to mif November depending on weather and teams in the division.  


How many games/practices per week?

  You will typically have 2 practices shedules per week, one weekday and one Saturday time slot.  Once games start you will have one weekday game and one Saturday game per week depending on field availabuility as well as number of teams in the division.  


Where are the games and practices?

   All league scheduled games and practices are located in BearCreek Park but your coach may schedule an offsite practice.  It is possible the older divisions (Intermediate and JR/SR) may travel to other local leagues depending on teams in the division.